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Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Wrestler Wants To Fight In UFC

Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Wrestler Wants To Fight In UFC

kyle snyder

Kyle Snyder, the youngest American to ever win a wrestling gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, wants to pursue a UFC career.

The 22-year-old Ohio State University junior took to Twitter on Sunday to make his intentions public and even tagged the company to make sure he was heard.

The brief tweet came days after he posted a photo of himself with UFC champion, Tyron Woodley, presumably taken after attending the UFC 203 in Cleveland on Saturday night.

He later explained to Fox Sports:

I want to fight. Basically what that tweet means. I love wrestling, I really do. I would want to continue wrestling but I want to do both at the same time. I want to pursue my wrestling career, wrestle in World Championships and the Olympic games, but if the scheduling could work out and I can become an elite fighter, then I want to fight in the UFC as well.

They put on a great show, it’s really exciting. I think it’s something that I could excel in. I haven’t done much boxing or jiu-jitsu or striking or stuff like that but I think that I could pick it up pretty quickly. The crowd and the way they made the whole thing a big show was just exciting for me. It’s something that I want to do.

If he ever joins the UFC roster, he will have become the most accomplished and decorated mixed martial arts fighter.

Photo via Team USA Awards

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Dead Wrestler’s Family Sues WWE For Exploiting Son

Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert

Eddie “Hot Stuff” Gilbert’s dad is suing the WWE fogr reportedly exploiting his son even though he passed away 20 years ago.

Tommy Gilbert, who became in charge of the estate after Eddie died of a heart attack in 1995, claims the WWE has been using his son’s photos and videos on television and other media platforms without his permission. As an example, Tommy says an old footage of Eddie is even being used to promote the WWE.

Tommy is actually not out to stop the WWE from showing off his son—just a cut from the profits, plus damages.

However, WWE remains unshaken. They told TMZ, “Through the years, WWE has acquired the legal rights to library footage of various former wrestling organizations including Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Mid-Southern Wrestling among many others. WWE has made substantial investments to acquire these copyrighted works and has the legal right to use them.”

The rep added, “Similar cases in the past have been unsuccessful, and we expect this case to be dismissed.”

Do you think Tommy is going to continue fighting?

Photo via WWE

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Vince McMahon Apologizes To CM Punk For Firing Him On His Wedding Day

Vince McMahon Apologizes To CM Punk For Firing Him On His Wedding Day


It’s nothing personal, according to the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon.

Following former wrestler CM Punk’s controversial podcast interview last week, where he blasted the WWE for how he was treated during his time with them, the WWE chairman-slash-CEO is now apologizing firing CM Punk on his wedding day.

“I would like to apologize,” McMahon said on the Steve Austin Show on the WWE Network earlier this week. “Sometimes in a big corporation, the legal people don’t necessarily know what talent relations are doing and conversely and Punk got his severance papers on the day he got married. And that was a coincidence. So, I want to personally apologize for that.”

It seems McMahon is trying to kill any fires, considering CM Punk’s wife AJ Lee is still a part of the active roster. Besides, McMahon would still like to work with the former wrestler, if the opportunity offered itself.

“Other than that, the only thing I want to say about Punk is there have been a number of individuals in the past that have been disgruntled, said a lot of things about the organization and I’m not going to wash the dirty laundry in public. I don’t think there’s any reason for that. I think there are a lot of things he may say that he may regret one day in terms of looking back at it. But nonetheless, I hope that one day we will be able to get back together again.”

Do you think CM Punk will accept the apology?

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