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Shaunie O’Neil Slams Ayesha Curry For “NBA Is Rigged” Tweet (Video)

Shaunie O’Neil Slams Ayesha Curry For “NBA Is Rigged” Tweet (Video)

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry’s infamous rage-fueled tweet that “the NBA is rigged”–after her husband Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors lost in Game 6 of the Finals–didn’t sit well with Shaq’s ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neil.

Shaunie, who is the executive producer of the reality show “Basketball Wives,” explained that the comment was not only plain stupid but also dumb and reckless.

“I feel like that job that her husband has supports a whole lot of people, and to say his job is rigged is sacrificing a whole lot of folks and their livelihood,” Shaunie explained.

“Was it rigged when your husband was winning or was it just rigged when he was losing? ‘Cause the tweet only came when he lost. So I just want to know was it rigged?” she added.

O’Neil said she was not trying to be mean but just keeping things real.


Which NBA wifey’s side are you on?

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Celebrities And Athletes React To Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Celebrities And Athletes React To Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Pacquiao and Mayweather

The fight between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is arguably one of the most watched event in the history of sports, but we can probably say that this fight hasn’t lived up to its own hype. May 2, 2015; the day the earth stood still (for the first 6 rounds) as we all watched a bout between this generation’s “best” fighters.

We can all admit that this is also one of the most expensive pay-per-view fights as it was priced $99.99 per household and another $99.99 to watch the replay. Though the fight had mixed reviews about how it all turned out, we can’t ignore the tweets that celebrities and athletes had on the fight.

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Steve Nash Hilariously Tells Off Hater On Twitter To Watch His Mouth “Or Temecula”

Steve Nash Hilariously Tells Off Hater On Twitter To Watch His Mouth “Or Temecula”

Steve Nash on red carpet

Steve Nash may have angered Lakers fans for refusing to retire for years now, but he made a couple of Twitter followers laugh when he told off one of his haters recently.

After a long hiatus, the basketball star decided to come back on Twitter to live-tweet the Barcelona/Man City soccer match on Tuesday. And because he basically put himself back in the spotlight, haters soon started tweeting him tres harsh words.

One particular hater started tweeting out profanities and trash talked the point guard with things like:

“YEah right your trash and washed up. You got injured in the offseason your bones are made of glass.”

“Sorry ass excuse for a PG.”

“You hurt your back caring bag not playing ball. Your Frail you and Bynum are on the same list.”

Nash responded hilariously, saying:

“I’m the hardest 41 yr old you know Brodie. Watch your mouth or temecula”

For those who have no idea what he meant, let us take you back to last Christmas when another Laker fan challenged someone on Twitter after criticizing Kobe Bryant. The critic dared the fan to drive all the way to Tenacula in California for a fight but little did the tough guy fan know that the critic was actually far away in Arizona, where he was celebrating Christmas with his family.

The result of Nash’s little comeback? Well, it did keep his hater off Twitter for a while after the latter realized that his mentions have been flooded.

Well, what do you know, Nash still wins.

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Sports World Mourns Robin Williams’ Death On Twitter

Sports World Mourns Robin Williams’ Death On Twitter


News of Robin Williams’ very unexpected and devastating death quickly went viral on Monday night and left the whole world stunned.

For one, it was reported to have been due to suicide in his North Carolina home after reportedly suffering from severe depression, in addition to a history of drug abuse and, more recently, alcoholism. Secondly, who would have thought that the comedic legend would pass away at the young age of 63?

Aside from Hollywood, the sports world quickly took to Twitter to express their respect and deepest sorrow for the loss of their idol and inspirational movie icon, as well as to remind people how to fight depression.

We will miss you, Robin.

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