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CM Punk Confirmed To Appear In “UFC 2”

CM Punk Confirmed To Appear In “UFC 2”


We know you’ve already heard that WWE Champion Phil “CM Punk” Brooks would be fighting for the UFC in 2016, but it seems we would be seeing him in a video game first.

According to EA, Books would be starring as a playable fighter in their upcoming game, “UFC 2,” the sequel to their own branded “UFC” game. But the question of his strengths and weaknesses remain considering he has never fought in the octagon before, unlike other fighters Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey (one of the featured fighters on the game’s cover) who have obviously showed off their fighting capacities.

Then again, Brooks’ involvement is bound to rake in money from MMA fans, which is probably what EA and UFC are hoping for.

“UFC 2” is expected to be tentatively released in the spring of 2016—soon before or after he’ll finally be setting foot in the real octagon.

Photo via CM Punk’s Instagram

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