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Soccer Star Neymar Admits To Being Inspired By Michael Jordan (Video)

Soccer Star Neymar Admits To Being Inspired By Michael Jordan (Video)


Several months ago, it was announced that Neymar would be part of the Nike/Jordan collaboration as the brand releases their first Jordan soccer cleats. Fast forward to today, we’re finally seeing the bad ass pair of shoes–and finding out why the soccer superstar was also the perfect choice for Nike.

Apparently, Neymar actually wanted to be like Michael Jordan even when he was a kid and had long been patronizing the Jordan line. And in the new commercial, Neymar not only shows off the new shoes but also gushes about his idol and how he inspired him to achieve greatness.

We suppose that means his collaboration with the brand was simply a way of thanking the veteran basketball star… and raking money from the endorsements, too. Win win situation!

Check out the shoes and find out what else Neymar had to say about his idol below:

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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Nike Drops Johnny Manziel As Athlete Endorser

Nike Drops Johnny Manziel As Athlete Endorser

johnny manziel instagram

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel will no longer be endorsing Nike.

The mega sports brand confirmed the news on Tuesday, the same day that Manziel’s second agent Drew Rosenhaus terminated his contract with the athlete after giving him a 5-day ultimatum to seek treatment but didn’t respond.

Sources told CNBC that the financial terms of the deal between Nike and Manziel, which were implemented a month before the 2014 draft, was believed to be one of the highest prices paid for a rookie in the season’s class.

The decision by Nike is just another setback in Manziel’s fast deteriorating career, after being released by the Cleveland Browns last March 11 after numerous off-season issues.

Photo via Johnny Manziel’s Instagram

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How Nike Lost Stephen Curry To Underarmour With Failed Presentation

How Nike Lost Stephen Curry To Underarmour With Failed Presentation

steph curry with his under armour shoes

Even with their ultra-modern self-lacing sneakers coming out, Nike is in a really close fight with rival brand, Under Armour, in achieving sportswear supremacy. And it appears that it boils down to the mistake they made–when they lost Stephen Curry a few years ago.

What many may not know is that the Golden State Warriors MVP used to be with Nike, but ended up feeling that he was clearly not in their best interests–at least not as much as other NBA stars. In a recent tell-all by ESPN’s Ethan Strauss, it all went down when Steph and his father Dell were in a pitch meeting with the sneaker giant. The first red flag was when one Nike official accidentally addressed Stephen as “Steph-on.”

“I heard some people pronounce his name wrong before,” says Dell Curry. “I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised that I didn’t get a correction.”

But that wasn’t all. There was also a PowerPoint slide that featured Kevin Durant’s name, which was probably (and hopefully) left on by accident after reusing repurposed materials. Dell says he decided to “keep a poker face,” but he “stopped paying attention after that.”

After also realizing that Nike was placing Curry in a category below stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, they decided to leave Nike. After which, Under Armour offered a contract worth almost $4 million a year–an offer that beat Nike’s. He now has several signature shoes under the brand.

As for Under Armour coming after Nike with Curry in the front, former sports-marketing executive and former Nike affiliate Sonny Vaccaro tells Strauss, “This is Nike’s biggest fear. They can’t overcome this in the shoe business. This is going to be detrimental to them. Psychologically.”

Photo via Under Armour

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Adidas Didn’t Sign Michael Jordan Because Executives Thought He Was Too Short

Adidas Didn’t Sign Michael Jordan Because Executives Thought He Was Too Short

Adidas logo

Then as an NBA newbie professional in 1984, Michael Jordan wished for a sponsorship deal with Adidas. Sadly, the sportswear brand ended up rejecting him because their some of them thought the 6’6″ basketball star was too short.

Wall Street Journal writes that while Adidas distributors did want Jordan, executives in Germany decided shoppers would be more included to idolize much taller players. A former distributor of the brand adds in defense of , “We kept saying, ‘no—no one can relate to those guys. Who can associate with a seven-foot-tall guy?’”

Guess it really is one of the brand’s biggest mistakes, which inevitably allowed Nike to beat them big time as the most popular sneaker among NBA players, according to a chart by HoopsHype.com.

As for Jordan, well, he may never need to look back considering he has already formed a shoe empire with Nike and is making about $100 per year from it.

Air Jordan 3 Retro (GS)

Photos via Adidas / Nike Jordan


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Serena Williams’ Inspirational Dress A Hit At Australian Open

Serena Williams’ Inspirational Dress A Hit At Australian Open

Serena Williams At US Open 2014

Serena Williams’ may have won the match against Alison Van Uytvanck at the Australian Open on Tuesday, but that wasn’t the only thing that people paid attention to.

The fashionable tennis superstar shone at Melbourne Park, thanks to her pink-and-neon green backless dress that read “you can be beautiful and powerful at the same time.”

Canadian seventh seed Eugenie Bouchard tweeted about the dress, “Love Serena’s outfit.” Two-time Australian champion Victoria Azarenka also tweeted, “Serena is rocking that outfit! Cut out back #sexy #outfit.”

It wasn’t just a way to grab people’s attention, though. Williams explained that her outfits this year are purposely designed to send messages about people empowerment.

“Nike did these wonderful green colours and we decided to do something,” she said. “This whole year is about the back and strength and women and power. We wanted to look at my back all year, so all year you’ll be seeing my back.”

She even joked that she’s keeping a closer watch on what she eats.

“I feel like I don’t want to eat too much — one peanut and I’m going to break the dress, so I try not to eat that much. Other than that, it depends, sometimes I’m a little nervous (wearing her outfits on court). But this one I think is really good. It’s really trendy and young, but at the same time it also has a great message and it’s also really nice.”

Photo by: ImageCollect

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