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HBO No Longer Covering Manny Pacquiao Fights

HBO No Longer Covering Manny Pacquiao Fights

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Just a couple of months after he announced his retirement, Filipino Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao recently announced that he will be returning to the ring to take on Jessie Vargas. Now, latest sports news reports that HBO would not be covering the event.

The said match will be happening on November 5, and unlike his previous match announcements, this one did not really excite and light up the whole world even though he is facing a unheralded opponent. The real surprise was when HBO announced that they will not be the one to distribute the PPV rights of the event which was confirmed by none other than, Bob Arum.

“Definitely it’s not going to be HBO. HBO had a contract and decided to pass because it was two weeks in front of their Ward-Kovalev fight,” Arum said.

With this move, HBO is officially relinquishing the rest of their rights to Pacman’s fights. It is interesting that they are walking away from it as this will mean that possible money-making rematches, such as one with with Mayweather, will not be automatically aired on the channel.

According to Arum, now that HBO is out, other channels are now on the table to compete for airing rights, such as ESPN, a Turner network, and even Showtime.

“I haven’t spoken to them (Showtime). But there would be no impediment to that. When I get back next week, Stephen (Espinoza) will be one of the guys I’m calling,” he said.

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