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Jason Day Unsurprised That His Success Bothers Jordan Spieth

Jason Day Unsurprised That His Success Bothers Jordan Spieth

jason day and jordan spieth swing

It has reached Jason Day that his counterpart, world number two Jordan Spieth, is bothered by his current form and rank. His reaction? “It should.”

The Australian is currently at the top of the ranks and is winning tournaments around the world, including three recent world tournaments for 2016.

“It should bother guys who are competitive and want to stay on top as well. There’s nothing wrong with being bothered by that,” Day told reporters on Tuesday. “I hope it motivates them just as much as it motivates me to see other guys on top of the world winning tournaments. That’s just how some guys are pushed.”

“I know I’m pushed that way as well when I see Rory [McIlroy] or Jordan on top of the world. I want to do that as well. So it’s great to see how they’ve responded so quickly.”

Day will be at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin this week and is aiming to win there as well, as he expects himself to “play well each and every week now,” especially with all the hard work and preparation he’s been putting in each week before tournaments.

“So it comes as a little bit of a surprise if I play bad because I’m not expecting to do that.”

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Australian Masters Cancelled For 2016

Australian Masters Cancelled For 2016

peter senior winning australian masters

The much-awaited Australian Masters will not be taking place this year.

According to the owner and promoter of the Australiam golf tournament, which welcomed and awarded champions like Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Colin Montgomerie and Adam Scott, tournament’s promoter IMG has plans to revamp the tournament.

“As part of IMG’s ongoing evolution of its golf events business, the company is in the process of reimagining its Australian Masters event to ensure the delivery of a world-class experience,” said David Rollo, the vice president-director of golf for IMG Australia and New Zealand.

“To best execute a change of this scale, IMG announced that the Australian Masters will not be played in 2016.”

The IMG will reportedly unveil its new plans for the event in the next few months.

The Australian Masters has been taking place yearly since 1979. Their last winner was Veteran Peter Senior, who won the 2015 Australian Masters.

Photo via Australian Masters

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Jordan Spieth Bags Major Coca-Cola Endorsement

Jordan Spieth Bags Major Coca-Cola Endorsement

jordan spieth mid-swing

We can now add Coca-Cola to one of the huge brands that Jordan Spieth will be endorsing.

”Coca-Cola has always been associated with iconic sporting events and some of the world’s greatest athletes, so this is an incredibly cool opportunity for me,” the world’s top-ranked player said in a recent interview about his new project.

The multi-year partnership was announced by the brand in Wednesday, and it includes television advertisements, digital and social media, point-of-sale and more. In addition to this, Spieth will also be endorsing the company’s Dasani brand of water.

According to Peggy Loos, Coca-Cola’s connections activation vice president for Atlanta-base, they have been talking to Spieth for over a year now—even before he won two majors and became the No. 1 player in the world.

”Today a lot of his appeal is within the golf culture,” Loos said. ”We believe, and he believes, that he has the potential to transcend that and be a cultural influence. He has the capability and the attraction to do so.”

Watch his video with Coca-Cola below:

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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Golf Digest: Making the Presidents Cup More Entertaining [Video]

Golf Digest: Making the Presidents Cup More Entertaining [Video]

Golf Digest and Golf World editors discuss ways the Presidents Cup could become a closer, more entertaining competition.

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VIDEO: How to play “Snake,” featuring Dude Perfect

VIDEO: How to play “Snake,” featuring Dude Perfect

DUDE PERFECT tackles the “Snake.”

Are you a sharp putter? Then you’ll love this game that punishes three-putts.

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Jason Day Wins PGA For His First Major Title

Jason Day Wins PGA For His First Major Title

PGA Championship 2015 logo

When people talk about Jason Day’s PGA run, they bring about how Jason could have ended with a -21 and instead scored a -20 but, all of that did not matter to the 27 year old Australian who has just won his first major title, the PGA Championship, last August 13 at the Whistling Straits Golf Course in Wisconsin.

The Australian-Filipino descent got emotional after securing his first win. When asked about what brought him to tears, the 27-year-old said that they weren’t all tears of joy but also tears of validation. Day has been known to always make it so close but always came out short. This win sure is a product of not just his own hard work but also the sacrifices his family made to get him here.

Day was alongside Spieth, the 22-year-old professional who has been making headlines due to his drives and his efficiency in working around holes. This seemed like a challenge to Day’s streak but, Jason Day never gave in during this run as he had birdied four of his seven first holes and birdied the 11th hole with the help of his 382-yard drive which made him able to secure the birdie. The drive was so great that Spieth has 80 yards behind him for their 2 stroke.

Jason Day has finally secured his first major title by winning the PGA Championship. A lot of eyes are now on the lookout for him as he has proven that no matter how many times he came close and losing his chance, this one was a memorable display of resilience and perseverance.

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California Golf Courses Rip Up Grass And Go Brown During Drought

California Golf Courses Rip Up Grass And Go Brown During Drought

Sycuan Resort

The California drought has tainted the color of the state’s lush green courses to brown. The mandated water cuts have been caused by a four-year dry spell that has spread throughout the Orange State. The finest golf courses in California have resorted to stripping the “green” out of some parts of the courses that do not affect the gameplay. Aside from stripping it off, they have also resorted to drought-proof plants that are brown. The people behind the courses understand the situation and instead of complaining about it, they have been proactive in helping the water problem in the state.

They have also installed better watering systems that would greatly help out the state in its efforts of saving water. In addition, some courses have opted to cut down on the amount of ground that they own by getting rebates on the portions of land that they don’t need. By cutting down acres that they own, they allow to save more on water that would have been used to maintain on those parts of the land. Water experts have made a statement where they believe that the worst is yet to come and we may be in it for a long haul.

Golfers do not seem to be affected by all these work that course owners have. the main concern is first, the conservation of the available water, then the water cuts that are still bound to come in later in the summer and, of course, maintaining the elegance and beauty of golf courses throughout the state.

Photo via Sycuan Golf Resort

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Tiger Woods Injures Right Wrist, Says He Pushed Bone Back In To Keep Playing At Masters

Tiger Woods Injures Right Wrist, Says He Pushed Bone Back In To Keep Playing At Masters

Tiger Woods sure is dedicated… to his game, that is.

The infamous golfer suffered what sounded like a really bad injury on his right wrist after clipping a tree root during his last hole of the Masters at Augusta National on Sunday.

He appeared to be in pain right after making the shot but because he probably didn’t want to stop the game and have to see a doctor, Woods simply fixed the problem himself. Ouch!

“A bone kind of popped out and a joint kind of went out of place, but I put it back in,” Woods told CBS’s Bill Macatee in an interview.

He made par on that hole and on his next drive, he made a bogey after making a bad shot and holding his wrist in pain.

It’s a little disappointing considering Woods had been doing really well before the injury, especially on Saturday when he impressed fans with one of the best rounds he’s ever played. Before the Masters, he had been on an eight week-long hiatus.

Hopefully, this “popped out” bone problem won’t cause any serious problems in the future.

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Tiger Woods Lost Tooth Because Of Cameraman, Reports Reveal

Tiger Woods Lost Tooth Because Of Cameraman, Reports Reveal

Tiger Woods Press Photo

If you’re wondering why Tiger Woods has been sporting an incomplete set of pearly whites, we’ve finally gotten the answer.

You may remember that the golf superstar, who recently pulled down his teethy skull mask cover to reveal a toothless grin after his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn won the World Cup alpine skiing race in Italy over the weekend, reportedly had a dispute with Elin Nordegren on Thanksgiving night. According to initial reports, Nordegren threw a phone at Woods and damaged his teeth.

However, new reports reveal it was knocked out at a skiing event by a photographer who accidentally hit Woods in the face with a camera. His agent, Mark Steinberg, said:

“During a crush of photographers as the awards podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged toward the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth.”


Check out the latest photo of him HERE.

Photo by: ImageCollect

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Tiger Woods Signs Up For PGA Championship

Tiger Woods Signs Up For PGA Championship


We hope you didn’t miss Tiger Woods too much, because he has decided to participate in the upcoming, sold out PGA Championship.

The most famous and successful golfer reportedly arrived at the Valhalla Golf Club on Wednesday at noon and was scheduled to warm up with an afternoon practice, all before he tees off the next Thursday morning with a group that includes Phil Mickelson and Pedraig Harrington. It’s somewhat a relief to see him going about things like usual, after he injured his back halfway through his final round of the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational at the Firestone Country Club in Ohio last Sunday.

“Obviously, everybody wants him back at the golf tournaments,” U.S. Open winner Martin Kaymer said Tuesday. “If you win a big tournament without Tiger in the field, you still feel very happy about it, but you want to play against him and it’s nice if he’s part of the tournament.”

PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua also said, “I think it’s no secret, obviously we want him to play,”  “… We are rooting for him to play because it would be a great thing to have Tiger Woods here, that’s for sure.”

His fans are still on their toes, even after going six years without a major championship probably due to his physical problems. In fact, his last major win was in 2008 during the U.S. Open, when he played on a broken leg. Rival Jack Nicklaus proves it to be a bigger challenge for Woods to come out as the best, with Nicklaus’s bigger record of 18 major championships. Hopefully he doesn’t pass on any upcoming tournaments either, just like he previously did at Valhalla (because of an injury) and the 2008 Ryder Cup.

We speak for everyone when we say that we hope to see another epic performance similar to his dramatic championship win at the 2000 PGA’s in Valhalla.

Good luck, Tiger!

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