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Dion Waiters Signs $2.9 Million Deal With Miami Heat

Dion Waiters Signs $2.9 Million Deal With Miami Heat

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Dion Waiters has agreed to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and signed a one-year deal worth $2.9 million with the Miami Heat’s Room Exception.

Also according to the report by the Associated Press, Waiters will be with the team for one year but will also be given the option for the second year, which will then bring up his salary to $6 million.

It seems to be part of the team’s campaign to replace Dwayne Wade, who joined the Bulls this summer. The Heat will now be facing the next season with Waiters, as well as Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson.

Waiters definitely has yet to improve his game, especially after making several bad decisions on offense in the past as fourth overall pick with the Thunders but perhaps he will have better chemistry with the Heat, hopefully enough to make a much better impression and become a better on-ball defender.


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