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15 Fascinating Facts about Cleveland’s NBA Championship

15 Fascinating Facts about Cleveland’s NBA Championship

History has been made with the greatest narrative in sports history. Game 7 was spectacular: We’ll break it down with all the records that fell and facts that will be spoke of for decades.  Read the full story

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Kevin Love Trolled By The Internet With Fake High Five Rejection (VIdeo)

kevin love
There has definitely been a lot of drama going on in the heated NBA Finals, but here’s something that we can at least laugh (and cringe) about.

On Monday night’s Game 5 in Oakland, we all saw Kevin Love try to high five teammate LeBron James during the first half of the Cavs vs. Warriors game… and then appeared to be brutally rejected.

Here’s the reason for the italics–there’s actually a good chance that Love wasn’t actually looking for a high five, but was trying to explain something (perhaps arguing that he had his hand up in defense, until LeBron until the latter provided a counterpoint). Watch the actual video below:

Of course, much of the Internet preferred to believe the former, that Love was rejected and embarrassed with the way that he slowly dropped his arm down. Admittedly, it’s a lot funnier that way and we’ll bet even Love and his teammates would agree.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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Ayesha Curry Takes Draymond Green’s Side, Mocks LeBron James With Tweet

Ayesha Curry Takes Draymond Green’s Side, Mocks LeBron James With Tweet

lebron james and draymond green game 4

MVP Stephen Curry’s number one fan, wife Ayesha Curry, has joined the ongoing war of words in the NBA world after mocking LeBron James with her tweet about taking the “high road” following his court feud with Draymond Green during Game 4 on Friday.

You may remember within the last three minutes of Game 4 last Friday (when Golden State won 108-97 over the Cavs) that LeBron had stepped over Green after knocking the Warriors forward down, which prompted an offended Green to take a swing with his arm and appear to make contact with James’ groin area. The action gave him a flagrant foul for making a “retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin” of James and was suspended from playing in Game 5.

Then over the weekend, Warriors’ Klay Thompson went on an interview and talked about some trash talking that had been going on between Green and James. And when asked about James’ reaction in the court, Thompson said, “Obviously people have feelings. People’s feelings get hurt if they’re called a bad word. I guess his feelings just got hurt.”

James only laughed at Klay’s comments, adding, “My goodness. I’m not going to comment on what Klay said, because I know where it can go from this sit-in. It’s so hard to take the high road. I’ve been doing it for 13 years. It’s so hard to continue to do it, and I’m going to do it again.”

And this is where Mrs. Curry heated up the feud by posting on Twitter:

ayesha curry

One thing’s for sure: the finals are definitely heating up and Game 5 just can’t get here sooner.

What do you think of Ayesha’s tweet?

Photos via Twitter/Video Screen Grab

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20 Fascinating Facts about the 2016 NBA Finals

20 Fascinating Facts about the 2016 NBA Finals

The rematch is set. We predicted this would be the THIRD BEST NBA Finals of all timeRead the full story

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LeBron James On Steph Curry’s NBA MVP Award: “He Definitely Deserved It”

LeBron James On Steph Curry’s NBA MVP Award: “He Definitely Deserved It”

lebron james shoves steph curry

Before Steph Curry won his unanimous and second consecutive NBA MVP honors on Wednesday, veteran star LeBron James was considered to be in the running for it. Then again, after seeing Curry’s clearly astounding numbers, the Golden State Warriors point guard proved to be more deserving.

James, who finished third behind the San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard, praised Curry and told reporters, “I think he definitely deserved it. Look at Steph’s numbers. He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40 and they won 73 (games). Do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award?”

Afterwards, LeBron questioned the interpretation of the coveted award, like the all the rest of us have. Does the award go to the most valuable player in a team, or to the league’s overall best player?

“But when you talk about most ‘valuable’ then you can have a different conversation, so, take nothing away from him, he’s definitely deserving of that award, for sure.” LeBron analyzed. “If you do it by a year-to-year basis, I think sometimes the word ‘valuable’ or best player of the year, you can have different results.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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Cavaliers Lead Series 2-1 Against Warriors in NBA Finals

Cavaliers Lead Series 2-1 Against Warriors in NBA Finals

nba finals logo

After a surprising win in Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken the momentum home and has won Game 3 to lead the series 2-1 against the Golden State Warriors for the NBA Finals.

LeBron James had a fantastic game, scoring 40 points despite struggling from the field with only making 14 of his 34 attempts. He also ended the night with 12 rebounds and 8 assists. The Australian, Matthew Dellavedova had 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Tristan Thompson ended the night with 10 points and 13 rebounds.

Stephen “Steph” Curry, the current MVP led the Warriors with 27 points, but only scoring 17 of his points in the final period. The rest of the team was struggling with Harrison Barnes not scoring a point, Draymond Green with 7 points, and Klay Thompson with 14 points. The Warriors bench brought 39 points out of the 91 points the Warriors scored with Andre Iguodala leading the charge with 15 points and David Lee with 11 points on his first appearance in the series.

The Cavaliers started strong very early playing for the fans in the Quicken Loans Arena with a 12-5 run by the Cavs in the first quarter only to be cut down by the warriors to 24-20 at the end quarter. Despite the hard work of the Golden State Warriors’ starters and deep bench, the Warriors never took the lead in this game always trailing after the Cavaliers. They came in close in the finishing minutes of the game, but LeBron and the Cavaliers held it strong to close out the game with a 94-91 victory against the Warriors.

Game 4 will be played in Cleveland where the Cavaliers look for a win to lead the series 3-1.

Photo via NBA

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Justin Verlander Watches Cavs Game, Featured On Kiss Cam With Girlfriend Kate Upton

Justin Verlander Watches Cavs Game, Featured On Kiss Cam With Girlfriend Kate Upton


On Tuesday night, Detroit Tigers player Justin Verlander was caught watching a Cleveland Cavaliers game. (Hear that, LeBron?)

But, believe it or not, that wasn’t the main deal.

Verlander had with him his super hot and super famous buxom model girlfriend, Kate Upton, and suddenly, no one was complaining about him showing up in enemy territory.

In fact, pretty much everyone was thrilled intrigued enough to feature the cute couple on Kiss Cam. Upton, of course, simply flashed big smiles as the Cavaliers’ mascot, Moondog, did the kissing instead of Verlander himself.

Photo via Jack Korte’s Twitter

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LeBron James Forgets What Team He Was Playing For In Heat Versus Cavaliers Game

LeBron James Forgets What Team He Was Playing For In Heat Versus Cavaliers Game


It was a pretty awkward game for LeBron James on Saturday.

As many of you know, the NBA star has left the Heat and gone back to playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers (for which he played for 7 years since 2003) after signing for a two-year contract with them last July 12.

Perhaps he hasn’t completely accepted the transition, as evidenced during a game versus Miami in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend.

At one point during his 20 minute turn on the floor, James blocked his own Cavaliers teammate, Matthew Dellavedova, and mindlessly freed former Heat teammate, Norris Cole.

Fortunately, it didn’t result in any points for Miami but it did give him an embarrassing reminder that he now plays for the Cavs, who later won the game with 122-119.

Although he only played with the Heat for 4 years, no one can forget his legacy with them. Not even his former teammates, who reportedly didn’t take his shift easily. In fact, the teams have been “actively trying to avoid each other.”

James explained to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on Friday, “I know a lot of words have been coming out of their camp as of late and some of it is surprising. We’ve got so much history together.” He added, “It doesn’t take away from what we accomplished [in Miami], and I know that.”

Photo by: ImageCollect

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Cavs Get Really Lucky and Win Draft Lottery Again

Cavs Get Really Lucky and Win Draft Lottery Again

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the luckiest team in the NBA.  The problem is, their luck hasn’t translated into success.

The Cavs won the 2014 NBA Draft lottery with just a 1.7 percent chance of grabbing the top spot.  It’s the second year in a row and third in four years Cleveland will draft number-1 overall.  That kind of fortune should equate to a playoff basketball team.  Unfortunately, the Cavs haven’t made the playoffs since Lebron James left town in 2010.

Cleveland actually hit a home run with their number one pick in the 2011 draft, in which they picked Kyrie Irving, a freshman out of Duke.  Irving is now the face of the franchise and has two All-Star appearances, but has been hampered by injuries.  He hasn’t played in more than 71 games per season.   The young superstar needs to stay healthy for Cleveland to contend.

In the 2012 draft, the Cavs selected Dion Waiters with the fourth overall pick.  Waiters has helped form a formidable backcourt with Irving.

Gold was struck again in the 2013 draft, when the Cavs had a 15 percent chance of drafting number one.  Their ping pong ball was pulled and the Cavaliers pulled the trigger on Anthony Bennett, a freshman forward out of UNLV.  With just four points per game on 36 percent shooting, the power forward went onto have the worst season by a number one pick since this guy (on the left, not Michael Jordan):


That player, by the way, is Kwame Brown, taken first overall by Washington by then-Wizards President Michael Jordan.  He made a big mistake.  And if the Cavs make another mistake with their most recent number one pick, Kyrie Irving may be playing for another team in a couple of seasons…and the Cavs will keep having ping pong balls pulled…in the NBA Draft Lottery.

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