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Tim Tebow’s MLB Tryouts: See What The Scouts Are Saying

Tim Tebow’s MLB Tryouts: See What The Scouts Are Saying

tim tebow

Former NFL star Tim Tebow finally showcased his baseball skills during a media-covered try out (dubbed the nth TebowTime) in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The 29-year-old tried to impress 42 major-league scouts for 27 MLB teams in hopes of securing a professional contract.

Tebow initially wanted to be a baseball player, even before he decided to pursue a future in football after junior year in high school. After bagging a Heisman Trophy in 2007 with the Florida Gators and enjoying a brief career with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, here he is trying to revive his first dream.

So on Tuesday, he ran an above-average 60-yard dash, did outfield throwing drills, did a batting practive and, finally, a live batting practice against recent major-league relievers David Aardsma and Chad Smith.

How did it go? Well, it looks like he’s still going to have to wish for it a little harder. Check out what some of the scouts had to say about Tebow below.

Jim Bowden of ESPN graded below average in 5 categories, according to 12 MLB scouts at the workout. With the scale going from 20-80 (with 50 being the MLB average), Tebow’s score went was:

Arm – 40 (No carry)
Fielding – 45 (Needs footwork)
Hitting – 35 (Grooved uppercut swing)
Power – 55 (Raw power)
Running – 55 (6.7 60-yard dash time)

Guess we’ll have to find out when he can try out again… or if a scout decides to give him a chance and train him as hard as possible. Meanwhile, Tebow needs to improve if he wants a real chance at the MLB.

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Justin Verlander Engaged To Girlfriend Kate Upton

Justin Verlander Engaged To Girlfriend Kate Upton

kate upton selfie with fiance justin verlander

Looks like Justin Verlander is currently on cloud nine.

Aside from being at the prime of his career, the Major League Baseball star has recently proposed to his super famous girlfriend of about three years, Kate Upton. His two-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model fianceé proudly showed off the rock when she hit the red carpet at the Met Gala in New York on Monday night.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher didn’t break a sweat when he got the expensive ring. He can definitely afford it, after signing a $180 million contract in 2013–right about the time that they start dating. (How convenient, huh?)

Let’s hope this lifts his spirits up further, especially during games! Congrats to the couple.

Photo via Justin Verlander’s Instagram

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Derek Jeter Didn’t Want His Frigo Undies Marketed To Gays?

Derek Jeter Didn’t Want His Frigo Undies Marketed To Gays?

derek jeter video screen grab

Sports news reports that Derek Jeter didn’t want his Frigo underwear line marketed to gays, but the former baseball star heavily denies such allegations.

You may have heard initial reports that the Yankees legend is being sued for $30 million by the brand after he allegedly backed out of a huge deal that involved him serving as a director of the company and doing publicity events for the brand. The guys at Frigo also said that Jeter threw a fit over the selection of rapper 50 Cent as a brand ambassador because he felt that it would make the brand “too urban.”

And just recently, the guys at Frigo has filed new court documents in Delaware. They stated, “[Jeter] demanded that [Frigo] not market to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay.'” It added that Jeter demanded the company stop making the undies “sporty” because it might harm his relationship with Nike.

“The Captain,” of course, has denied both claims.

Who do you believe?

Photo via Video Screen Grab


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David Price Serves Victory For Blue Jays Over Yankees

David Price Serves Victory For Blue Jays Over Yankees

blue jays and yankees logos

David Price leads the Toronto Blue Jays in one of their most important series of the season. He served seven shutout inning pitches to win against the New York Yankees 4-2 last Monday night.

After being acquired from Detroit in a trade last July 30, the left handed pitcher has improved 8-1 in 10 starts for the Blue Jays. Usually, trades don’t work but, this one apparently does according to Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons. The Jays have now extended their lead to 3 1-2 games in the AL East opener of a three-game showdown between the top teams in the division.

Toronto was in a two-game losing streak until this one where they were able to avoid a 0-3 start since July 8-10. Price has faced off against the Yankees before and has said that pitching against the New York team is hard and that this victory is fun.

Price’s game almost ended abruptly when Jacoby Ellysbury hit a liner heading toward his head. Luckily, Price got his glove up quickly catching the ball and saving his face. Price was making plays by catching balls halting the Yankees’ advance twice.

David retired the final 14 batters who has faced him, he has also thrown 114 pitches, with a career-high of 76.3 percent for strikes.

The Toronto Blue Jays will be hosting the Tampa Bay Rays in a series starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario for the AL Eastern Division.

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Atlanta Braves Pays Tribute To Fan Who Died At Game Against New York Yankees

Atlanta Braves Pays Tribute To Fan Who Died At Game Against New York Yankees

major league baseball logo

Last Sunday, the Atlanta Braves flew the United States flag at half-staff in Turner Field after a fan died from falling 20 feet from the upper deck into the lower-level stands during a game against the New York Yankees on Saturday.

The victim was identified as Gregory K. Murrey, a 60-year-old resident of Alpharetta, Georgia, long time Atlanta Braves fan and season ticket holder of 23 years. Murrey was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Murrey was said to have plummeted down after (allegedly) booing New York Yankees’ controversial player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez came on to the field.

The Braves have expressed their sympathy the family and said that they are “deeply saddened”. “Greg was a valued and longtime season-ticket holder and an incredibly passionate Braves fan,” the team said in a statement. “This tragic loss is felt throughout Braves Country, and the thoughts and prayers of the entire Braves organization continue to go out to his family and friends.”

A handful of EMTs gathered around to Murrey’s aid, tending to him for 6-7 minutes before being moved out to Grady Memorial, a local hospital. Murrey was said to have dropped where the families and friends of players are situated and that many of the audience members witnessed the fall. Braves President, John Schuerholz made grief counselors available to the players’ family and friends who saw the unfortunate event.

Before Sunday’s game, the Braves displayed a photo of Murrey on the video board and observed a moment of silence to one of their fallen fans.

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Astros’ Rookie Debuts As The Dark Knight In MLB Game

Astros’ Rookie Debuts As The Dark Knight In MLB Game

Astros pitcher Lance McCullen Jr.

Houston, the Dark Knight has arrived.

Lance McCullers Jr., a 21-year-old rookie, made a debut like no other last Monday night as he sported Batman cleats against their game with the Oakland Athletics.

A ton of people have speculated as to what this meant, some people have said that it was to strike fear against the A’s or to send a message to Matt Harvey of the Mets (the MLB’s Dark Knight), but this was all answered by McCullers in an interview where he said he liked Batman—plain and simple.

He also said that he has been wearing them for a year when he was still at the Class AA Texas League and was still playing for the Corpus Christi Hooks. Lance debuted on to the Majors against the A’s on Monday. Despite his Batman cleats and former accolades (2014 California League Champion, Gatorade National Baseball Player in 2012, etc.), the Astros’ still lost 2-1 against the Oakland Athletics. McCullers said that his strikeout pitch “kind of” disappeared which led to walks.

Astros’ Manager A.J. Hinch said that McCullers handled his debut really well. Even with the excitement running through Lance McCullers Jr.’s veins, he was able to perform very well and only needed to pitch efficiently according to the manager.

Hinch also added, “With that kind of breaking ball, I guess you say you can do whatever you want as long as you keep that breaking ball in the zone.”

Lance McCullers Jr.’s Batman cleats have clearly

stolen the spotlight from his performance on his debut.

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Mike Napoli Makes Home Run With Smashed Bat (VIDEO)

Mike Napoli Makes Home Run With Smashed Bat (VIDEO)

Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli is one ridiculously strong man!

The bearded baseballer stunned fans and audiences in the Red Sox spring training game on Monday night against the Twins. At the fourth inning, he made a wonderful shot to left field… and was left with a smashed bat.

It was caught on video, how Napoli had nothing left in his hand but the bat’s handle. How about that unbelievable muscle power, huh?

Although it’s definitely not the first time that we’ve seen homeruns made by broken bats, Napoli’s bat barrel broke clean off and the baseball ended up beyond the wall and into the seats.

Check out the amazing video HERE.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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St. Louis Cardinals Baseballer Oscar Taveras Dies In Car Crash

St. Louis Cardinals Baseballer Oscar Taveras Dies In Car Crash


Rising Major League Baseball star Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend reportedly died in a tragic car crash in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.

According to a rep for the his St. Louis Cardinals team, 22-year-old Taveras was the one driving the car with his girlfriend in tow when he lost control and went off he road.

It is unsure if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which usually causes accidents like such, but local police suggest rainy conditions may have been a factor. Officials are said to be investigating the case, still.

Taveras’ teammate Kolten Wong expressed sorrow on Twitter hours later, writing, “Wow! My heart truly hurts to hear the passing of Oscar! I’ve played with him every year and we truly lost a great person! #RIPOscarTaveras”

Here’s something to remember him by–his recent home run against the SF Giants during Game 2 of the NLCS.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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A Look Back at Derek Jeter’s Story Book Career [Video]

A Look Back at Derek Jeter’s Story Book Career [Video]

Here’s a look back at Derek Jeter’s story book career in major league baseball. Winning and Jeter go hand in hand. He helped the Yankees win 4 world series in his first 5 years with the team. Jeter will be known as the yankee you can’t hate.

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Why is There a Compelling Need to Cheat?

According to California State University, Los Angeles Sociology Professor Gretchen Peterson, the need to cheat in slow pitch softball is to simply demonstrate one’s own abilities within the limelight of what is supposedly a team game. Apparently winning a recreational softball tournament or game is this century’s Gumball Rally.  If people will do whatever it takes to win a t-shirt or weekend tournament, then its worth exploring a bit how people cheat in other sports.  Read the full story

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15 World Series Game Finishes Worth Knowing About

15 World Series Game Finishes Worth Knowing About

In baseball anything can and and will happen.  This year has been no different.  Read the full story

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When was the modern shift first utilized in Major League Baseball?

When was the modern shift first utilized in Major League Baseball?

We pay our heroes handsome sums of money to hit the ball out of the ballpark. When our favorite sluggers attempt to bunt the ball to the other side in order to meat the modern shift, we wonder who created this devious scheme that has the audacity to inflict mortality on our heroes.

Ted Williams Bunting in 1946 World Series

Courtesy of "Ted Williams: My Turn at Bat"

As our collective memories wither, we accept certain things as inalienable truths to the game.  But at some point, things change from their stasis and become baseball axioms.

When did the umpires collectively lose their sight?  When did the Cubs begin to stink?  These are tough questions that are hard to pin point and find.  We simply can’t ask Google to find them out for us.  Otherwise we get humorous anecdotes that mask our informational need with trivial banality.

umpires blind?

Argh, the agony just tell me!

So we delve into the abstract…

The great French philosopher, Jacques Derridas is known for the phrase, “There is nothing outside the text”.  This suggests that outside of the context that things occur in, words are merely markings on paper with subjective meanings.  Yet, without these words, statistics serve no purpose other than recording events.  But when words and statistics are married, a fruitful purpose is served.  We gain context and clarity to what bemuses us.  We learn that the umpire is a manufactured villain.  We learn about the Billygoat.  We learn about the second game of a July 14th, 1946 double header where the Cleveland Indians player-manager, Lou Brodreau employed a shift on a young slugger named Ted Williams.

Lou Brodeau

Page 118 in Ted Williams autobiography, "My Turn at Bat: The Story of My Life"

July 14, 1946

It's so much more fun to look up these things!

We learn holistically when the modern shift was first utilized in Major League Baseball.






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Has Technology Become Too Good For Our Own Use?

Has Technology Become Too Good For Our Own Use?

With enhanced instant replay near certain ratification by the umpires, players, and owners next year, it is only a matter of time that Major League Baseball will be dragged into the modern age.  But should we be welcoming this era with such open arms?  Read the full story

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Does Payroll Dictate Who Wins in Pro Baseball?

Does Payroll Dictate Who Wins in Pro Baseball?


In Major League Baseball, behind the scenes actions dictate how a ball club is going to market themselves and serve their fan base.  One of these actions is to alter supply and demand to maximize revenue from paying attendees.   We looked at some data from the 2007-2011 seasons.  Within this data there are numerous interesting trends.

For the period, 20 percent of baseball stadiums didn’t change sizes.   These are Camden Yards, U.S. Cellular Field, Miller Field, Citizens Bank Ball Park, New Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium.

According to data from their last season in their old ballpark, to their inaugural season in their new ballparks, newer stadiums are smaller than their predecessors.

The New Yankee Stadium is 8 percent smaller than it’s predecessor.

Nationals Ballpark is about 10 percent smaller than RFK

Target Field is 15 percent smaller than the Metrodome

Citi Field is 27 percent smaller than Shea Stadium

In many instances when teams finished in first place the season prior, their payroll went up.  This is most evident with the Philadelphia Phillies who finished first in the NL East 5 seasons in a row and watched their payroll expand from 89.4 million in 2007 to 173 million in 2011.  In most instances, when a team finished well, then their payroll increased the following year.  When teams made it to the World Series, they experienced significant jumps in payroll, as highlighted by Tampa Bay in 2009, and the Giants and Rangers in 2011.

In some years, teams finished multiple seasons in a row with high division standings and their payroll went slightly down over the period and there was a corresponding drop in performance.    When payroll was reduced, and team performance went down, then teams were incentivized to reinvest in their teams, though, in many instances, teams spent more for less. This was more prevalent in the larger market teams such as the 2011 Angels, 2011 White Sox, and 2011 Cubs.

Some teams were able to spend less and get more.  This is the case of the Diamondbacks who were able to record better division finishes with the less money that they spent comparatively over the period.

Larger market teams had an inclination to reduce payroll after a successful season,  although, “success” is relatively subjective. The Yankees trimmed their payroll after a successful second place finish in 2008.  The Dodgers whittled down successive division winning teams (08-09) with payroll dropping from 118.6 million to 95.4 million while experienced a corresponding standings drop to fourth place for the 2010 season.  The White Sox reduced their payroll 21 percent after a first place finish in 2008 and experienced a corresponding payroll standings drop in 2009.

Finishing in the lower echelons pose significant challenges for management in terms of payroll and stadium sizes.  In 2008, both American League Teams that finished in 5th place shrunk their stadium but increased their payrolls.  Of the four National League teams that finished fifth and sixth in their divisions, two increased their capacities and payrolls, while two decreased their capacities and payrolls.

In 2011, the Orioles finished in fifth place and kept their stadium size the same and payroll roughly the same, while the Royals both shrunk their stadium and reduced payroll for the following year close to 50 percent.  In the National League, the Diamondbacks and Cubs shrunk their payrolls, while the Nationals and Pirates both increased their payrolls.  Even though both payrolls were increased, these still fell in with the lower quartiles of pay rolls and were significantly lower than the Cubs.

What this data suggests is that there is more than meets the eye with baseball payrolls and stadium sizes.  Team executives will do everything they can behind the scenes to ensure that teams are maintaining the balance between profitability and team performance.  These actions to the naked eye, are non-apparent.


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Pete Rose Discusses His Methamphetamine Use

Pete Rose goes on the record about taking speed to enhance his performance in this quick, candid interview: Read the full story

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