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Sports Fascination is a new way to look at sports. From recent news to player profiles we are the total picture for the world of sports.

Naturally, we keep you covered on all the major professional sports, but that’s not all! We extend deep into the college “arenas” of baseball, hockey, football, golf, soccer and more.

One of our primary passions is Fantasy Football. We study all the numbers and formulas, and give you our expert analysis in plain speak.

If an interesting fact just happened about any of the players, sports and key draft and playoff seasons, we’ve already got it and are delivering it to your screen in a handy gallery format!

From info on coaches to interesting team histories and past club names, and lots of sports video and sports bloopers to view, we have all the “bases” covered.

We hope you enjoy the site and love sports as much as we do (although loving sports as much as we do might be impossible)!


Evan Hoovler: Evan also writes for Cracked, GameSpy, National Lampoon, Syfy and Playboy. He has an unhealthy obsession with fantasy football. The amount of room his brain devotes to amazing sports facts could probably be better spent on something else (but don’t tell him, we like it this way).

Jordan Mason: Sports Director of NBC station in Colorado Springs who won 2013 CBA “Best Sportscaster” and covered Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Chris Brown: Social Media Director for Capital Brands and social media expert

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