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10 Universally Recommended Pieces of Fantasy Football Auction Advice (That Are TOTALLY WRONG)

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Anyone who has ever considered showing up to a date based solely on someone’s online profile pics knows a key element of fantasy football: Anticipating just how much things have changed is crucial.

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Not only that, things can change drastically between seasons: Running backs used to be the backbone of any successful fantasy lineup,  Teddy Bridgewater used to be able to put on his pants without the help of an intern, etc.

In fact, from season to season, the numbers for fantasy football season vary almost as much as the number of intact bones inside Tony Romo’s body.

The same goes triply true for the still-wild world of fantasy football auctions. Advice that was good one or more seasons ago can now be as useless as a backup tight end.

Luckily, staying ahead of the auction curve is my job. While I may not have the full-time numerical analysis of a mathematician, the closed-marked economic wisdom of a banker, nor the high holy days of nearly every other fantasy analyst, there is one thing I possess that few have: A laser-bead on the progression of fantasy football auction trends. With that in mind, I present 10 pieces of fantasy football auction advice I still see everywhere, even though they no longer apply to the modern fantasy landscape (or never applied at all).

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