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12 Stats That Will Totally Change Your Fantasy Football Auction Strategy

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My focus in fantasy football is auction. Fantasy football auctions and I go together like… well, real-life auctioneers and amphetamines. 

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Whereas auction seems to be about 5% of the focus of fantasy football pundits (and players), it’s 95% of my job. I’m glad: Auctions are way more entertaining than snake drafts. As any Middle Eastern street vendor knows, going to a store and choosing an item you want is not nearly as fun as haggling over the price of every single thing you buy. As such, I’m not even in any snake drafts, this year, and I don’t miss them one bit.

The purpose of that preceding paragraph was to qualify myself as a fantasy football auction advice-giver (and to fulfill my contractual obligation of two dadjokes per article.) Recently, I’ve been poring over stats from the last few years, and come to the realization that a lot of people are approaching 2016 fantasy football auctions with strategies that seem correct, but just don’t have the numbers to support them. For the purpose of generating these statistics, I used ESPN standard scoring leagues. The recommended auction values I used can be found here and here. If, for some reason, you find that the numbers presented do not represent the corresponding line of reasoning, tell me why in the comments, please. It is only with our collective nerd powers that we can come up with a series of rules to maximize our auction prowess despite copious consumption of alcohol.

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