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Lionel Messi Retires From International Football

lionel messi

Just after Argentina suffered another tragic loss in the final of the Copa America against Chile on Sunday, Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international football.

The Barcelona superstar was obviously distraught, after missing a spot-kick in a penalty shoot out. After all, it was his fourth straight defeat in a major final with the team.

“For me the national team is over,” the heartbroken 29-year-old told reporters. “I’ve done all I can, I’ve been in 4 finals and it hurts not to be a champion. It’s a hard moment for me and the team, and it’s difficult to say, but it’s over with the Argentina team.”

It was Argentina’s third loss in a major final since 2014, when they were beaten by Germany during the World Cup with a 1-0.  They also lost on penalties (also to Chile) in the Copa America finals in 2015. They also lost at the Copa America back in 2007.

Despite his disappointing career ending and criticism from Argentina, he undeniably had a good record-breaking run, especially after being named FIFA World Player of the Year roughly 5 times. Chile’s coach Juan Antonio Pizzi also had nothing but supportive words for the newly retired player.

“As well as an admiration for Messi, I’m driven very much by his numbers,” Pizzi said. “I know what it means to value certain numbers and Messi’s numbers are unmatched, and I don’t think they will ever be matched because it’s impossible for a player to find the things that Messi finds.”

Catch the replay of Messi’s last game below:

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