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Kevin Love Trolled By The Internet With Fake High Five Rejection (VIdeo)

kevin love
There has definitely been a lot of drama going on in the heated NBA Finals, but here’s something that we can at least laugh (and cringe) about.

On Monday night’s Game 5 in Oakland, we all saw Kevin Love try to high five teammate LeBron James during the first half of the Cavs vs. Warriors game… and then appeared to be brutally rejected.

Here’s the reason for the italics–there’s actually a good chance that Love wasn’t actually looking for a high five, but was trying to explain something (perhaps arguing that he had his hand up in defense, until LeBron until the latter provided a counterpoint). Watch the actual video below:

Of course, much of the Internet preferred to believe the former, that Love was rejected and embarrassed with the way that he slowly dropped his arm down. Admittedly, it’s a lot funnier that way and we’ll bet even Love and his teammates would agree.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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