Cris “Cyborg” Justino Calls Ronda Rousey “Weak” For Having Suicidal Thoughts

cris cyborg justino

Ronda Rousey is still getting mixed reactions from her shocking revelation that she had suicidal thoughts after her sad UFC fight with Holly Holm.

We already heard that Holm thinks Rousey will be “stronger mentally” from it, and now it seems Cris “Cyborg” Justino has pretty much the same opinion… Only, she stated it in a rather insulting way.

In a recent interview, the Curitiba-native said fighting Rousey was “something that should happen.”

“At first I thought this fight would never happen because the UFC was protecting her, but the reality is, after Holly Holm beat her up, she ran away from the rematch, saying she wants to have kids and all that.”

“That confirmed to me what I already knew: she’s a coward with a weak mind that never learned after all these years… In her book, she talks about her being depressed after her Olympic loss, she continues as mature as a 5-year-old, she hasn’t learned the philosophy of the sport.”

Cyborg also told TMZ, “When you fight, you can lose, you can win. It’s a sport. You cannot think you want suicide because you lose one fight. Some people handle it better than others.”

Do you agree with Cyborg?

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