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Derek Jeter Didn’t Want His Frigo Undies Marketed To Gays?

derek jeter video screen grab

Sports news reports that Derek Jeter didn’t want his Frigo underwear line marketed to gays, but the former baseball star heavily denies such allegations.

You may have heard initial reports that the Yankees legend is being sued for $30 million by the brand after he allegedly backed out of a huge deal that involved him serving as a director of the company and doing publicity events for the brand. The guys at Frigo also said that Jeter threw a fit over the selection of rapper 50 Cent as a brand ambassador because he felt that it would make the brand “too urban.”

And just recently, the guys at Frigo has filed new court documents in Delaware. They stated, “[Jeter] demanded that [Frigo] not market to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay.'” It added that Jeter demanded the company stop making the undies “sporty” because it might harm his relationship with Nike.

“The Captain,” of course, has denied both claims.

Who do you believe?

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