Ronda Rousey: I’m Still “Really” F**king Sad” About Loss To Holly Holm

holm-rousey match aftermath

Ronda Rousey is still pretty bummed about her tragic loss to Holly Holm last November 15. In fact, in an ambush street interview with ESPN (via People), she’s “really f**king sad” because she’s still pretty messed up from the beating.

You may remember that she was sent to the hospital right after the fight for surgery for her busted lip. And as of today, her teeth are still unstable from all the punches and nudges that Holm gave her straight to the mouth.

Ronda added, “It might be three to six months before I can eat an apple, let alone take an impact.”

Not to worry. UFC’s Dana White says Ronda will return to the octagon as soon as she’s healed and will definitely try to avenge her loss by rematching with Holm.

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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