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LeBron And Kyrie To Play Shorter Minutes Next Season

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Months have passed since the NBA Finals, and who can forget the great finals run of the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers? The Warriors were very effective in using the whole team to be able to rotate players giving everyone enough playing and resting time. While on the other end, we saw how key players on the Cavaliers play longer in hopes of leading the Cleveland, especially LeBron.

LeBron James who is about to turn 31 in December is entering his 13th year in the NBA. Just for his efforts in leading the Cavaliers to a championship, James has played an average of 42.2 minutes. Though dubbed as “Best in the World” or one of basketball’s greats, LeBron is human and that wear and tear of playing so many minutes is getting into him as seen in the NBA Finals.

Kyrie Irving on the other hand is a bit different, the 23 year old is prone to injuries. Kyrie is linked to injuries almost every season he has played with the NBA and even when he was playing college ball for Duke. Reducing his playing time means keeping him healthy and effective especially if they want to get another shot at the title.

In hopes of keeping their NBA Finals trophy alive, reducing playing times to their star players is essential to securing that they keep healthy and be able to perform in times of need. Basketball players are human and they show fatigue regardless of age.

The NBA Regular Season starts Tuesday, October 27, 2016 with the Chicago Bulls hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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