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LeBron James Forgets What Team He Was Playing For In Heat Versus Cavaliers Game


It was a pretty awkward game for LeBron James on Saturday.

As many of you know, the NBA star has left the Heat and gone back to playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers (for which he played for 7 years since 2003) after signing for a two-year contract with them last July 12.

Perhaps he hasn’t completely accepted the transition, as evidenced during a game versus Miami in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend.

At one point during his 20 minute turn on the floor, James blocked his own Cavaliers teammate, Matthew Dellavedova, and mindlessly freed former Heat teammate, Norris Cole.

Fortunately, it didn’t result in any points for Miami but it did give him an embarrassing reminder that he now plays for the Cavs, who later won the game with 122-119.

Although he only played with the Heat for 4 years, no one can forget his legacy with them. Not even his former teammates, who reportedly didn’t take his shift easily. In fact, the teams have been “actively trying to avoid each other.”

James explained to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on Friday, “I know a lot of words have been coming out of their camp as of late and some of it is surprising. We’ve got so much history together.” He added, “It doesn’t take away from what we accomplished [in Miami], and I know that.”

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